1. Tarun Balani
    New Delhi, India
  2. São Paulo Panic
    São Paulo, Brazil
  3. Fette Hupe
    Hanover, Germany
  4. Markus Becker
    Hanover, Germany
  5. Tal Arditi
    Berlin, Germany
  6. Holon Trio
    New York, New York
  7. Alex Simu Quintet
  8. Timo Vollbrecht
    New York, New York
  9. KUHN FU
    Berlin, Germany
  10. Shauli Einav
  11. Frank Wingold
    Cologne, Germany
  12. Martin Fabricius
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  13. Xavi Torres
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  14. Julia Ehninger
    Cologne, Germany
  15. Julian Waterfall Pollack Trio
    Los Angeles, California
  16. Dani Gurgel
  17. Sietske
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  18. JO
    Cologne, Germany
  19. Tommy Moustache
    Rotterdam, Netherlands
  20. Eyal Lovett
    Berlin, Germany
  21. Doppler Trio
    Arnhem, Netherlands
  22. Johanna Klein
    Cologne, Germany
  23. KAMA Kollektiv
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  24. BÖRT
    Cologne, Germany
  25. Hans Anselm Quintett
    Berlin, Germany
  26. Malstrom
    Osnabrück, Germany
  27. Partikel
    London, UK
  28. HIMOYA
    Cologne, Germany


BERTHOLD records Bremen, Germany

Generation Jazz is our motto

We are all the Generation Jazz. Jazz is old and young, pretty and pretty horrible, from Dixieland to Hip-Hop, Free Jazz to Elevator Music. All of this has found its way into our generation’s Jazz and this is where – in the 2020s – it has no boundaries for the most creative and virtuoso musicians in the world.
Jazz is now.
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